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Dear customers,
we are delighted to have the opportunity of introducing you our company. We would like to acquaint you with some basic information about our company. In order to make your reading easier we divided the description into following chapters:

Virus Check

All our computers are checked regularly by antiviral programs of the Frisk Software company and hence, we guarantee our software products to be 100% virus-free.

Brief characteristics of our company

The company of Stanislav VANICEK was established in 1992 and has been orienting itself in computer science and information technology area, and especially economic software development and related services administration.

We offer you software systems and programs for bookkeeping by either single entry or double-entry; systems of billing and storing; programs for accounting of goods, materials and services together with billing; wages and personal management and other programs and systems.

We also provide related services, e.g. training of users, courses of up-to-date accounting and tax codes for bookkeepers and accountants. Furthermore, our offer includes other services related to the usage of our software and computers, as well as software in general.

We have prepared "Start" versions of our products (for evaluation) for co-operative companies and persons concerned. These versions are available in the form of installation files stored in the data area of our BBS and are accessible also on-line in the section "Programy". More detailed information about restrictions and registration of the "Start" versions is in the same "Programy" section (in notes about downloading programs from internet). Further information about selling our products can be found in conditions of propagating our software in the section "Dealerství".

We publish bulletins containing topical information and news about the software being offered, about the changes in economic codes and the like. The bulletins are stored in our BBS station and are accessible also on-line in the "Bulletin" section. Every quarter of the year, we publish "Information Bulletin" describing latest changes in our programs. If necessary, we also publish "Special Information Bulletin", which contains detailed information about particular problems (and is sent on demand).

We have a BBS station for supporting our users and sales of our products. The station is available 24 hours a day on local (Brno) phone number 49247267. All necessary information is also accessible on these web pages.

Multilanguage support

We have added new function especially advisable for subjects with foreign interest. New item can be added into the structure of the database which contains foreign account names. It is possible to print chosen reports both in the czech as well as in the appropriate language (together with relevant money conversions according to given exchange rate).

Up-to-date version of the "PC-UCTO" program is able to print following reports in a foreign language:

  • balances of particular accounts including their analytical division
  • stored account documents compartmentalized according to their "synthetical" account codes

"User" reports of the "UCTO-UZI" program contain following functions:

  • any report can be printed in foreign language (double-language or foreign language report)
  • re-count of balances by given constant (e.g. exchange rate, re-counting to thousands, rounding to whole numbers).
  • summaries of relevant accounting periods
  • calculation of shares of particular items in percents

Contact information

Address :Vlkoš 149, Vlkoš u Kyjova, Czech Republic, ZIP 696 41
Phone :+420 - 534 009 852
Company ID :18767460

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